Amazon Buyer Email Opt-Out And Why It Matters recently began blocking email messages that are sent to buyers who decided to “opt out of unsolicited messages” from Amazon. A lot of sellers are wondering how this will affect them and their selling strategy moving forward.


What Happens If A Buyer Decides To Opt-Out?

Buyers who have opted out of unsolicited email will only get emails from Amazon (and you as an extension of Amazon) that are essential to completing orders, delivery scheduling, or issues with the delivery address provided by the customer. Currently, the only way to opt-out is to call Amazon customer service, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there is an on-site option soon.

Will I Get In Trouble If I send One Of these Emails?

No, you won’t get in trouble. Amazon doesn’t have a secret email army tasked with seeking and destroying naughty sellers, they will simply just block the email and you will get a reply that the customer has opted out. This is the only way to know that a buyer has opted out. I’m guessing there may be an API call in the near future to let 3rd party services know about the user being in an opt-out state.

What if I Have A Valid Reason To Contact The Buyer?

You can still send messages to buyers who have opted out, just make sure the information you’re sending or requesting is essential to completing the customer’s order. The messages should be sent from the Amazon website in the buyer-seller messaging system, and have the subject “Additional Information Required”. With great power comes great responsibility… don’t use this method for non-essential information or your could end up with a penalty or even suspension of your seller privileges. What are non-critical items? Things like feedback or product requests, out of stock messages, product manual’s, pdf’s, or shipment confirmations (when you confirm a shipment Amazon already handles that).

So Now what? How Do I Get Reviews And Market To My Customers?

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Andy Arnott

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